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A beer spillage got me thinking…

The over thinker in me ( worry wort I think the medical term is called ) has always been interested in what if, those moments throughout the day, where you were planning to do something or say something, and it did not go as planned. Those moments could be big or small, but they all mount up later on in life.

The wrong word being said, misreading of insrtuctions, failure to understand reactions or just pressing ahead with a plan that is going awray, all contrubute to ever changing scenarios – just thinking of all the potentil pitfalls and succeses is making my head spin ( thank goodness I am pretty dim witted most of the time )

Having read some of my previous blogs, I am going to try and keep things light-hearted ( I tend to start upbeat, but like gizmo after a bite to eat after 12, it quickly gets dark! ) even though it still looks like they are have having a whale of a time – though their cinema code of conduct leaves something to be desired.

A simple case of different factors, coming together to create a incident which made me guffaw like a paralytic  hyena. I was out with my friend a few months back, it was about 9pm on a Saturday, we normally meet up during the day ( like a bunch old guys let out from their retirement homes )

We tend to do a pact of being sensible with our drink intake, adhere to the pact after half a pint,congratulating ourselves at the grown up sophistication and restraint we have shown so far, start to question our original pact after the second, lamenting our lame attempts at being responsible drinking adults,  then fairly swiftly, start to regret our decision to forget the pact. Thankfully, after the 5th pint, we come to our senses, and make haste and scurry, slightly less easier on our feet, back to the safety of our homes. ( which tends to end with me making a detour to Sainsbury’s to collect all sorts of comfort food and regret )

Anyway, like a couple of tired pigeons at the end of a snapping branch,we were perched outside in The Eagle Vaults, on a slightly lop sided table,this being a Saturday night,  it was overwhelmed with pub goers, I could go on forever, describing the various mixtures of personalities, but frankly I would bore you and myself – but any pub where a 1 year old baby is celebrating their birthday, is a pub which instills mixed feelings. I was already feeling like we did not belong amongst the party loving youth we saw ourselves surrounded by, we were the black and white film stars, trying to make it in a world of colour.

We had just got the second round in, a nice full pint of your finest, cheapest alcohol, at the time I was a little to the right on the table opposite my friend, this was annoying me, so I shifted slightly to the left – which turned out to be a vital action for later, My friend, who was polity listening and nodding along to my stories, like someone who is wondering where on earth the story is going, or if it is going to end ( much like this blog ) now had his attention somewhere behind me, which I took the cue to stop talking – normally it takes someone to just up and leave, before I stop talking nonsense. My friend started to acknowledge someone behind me, so it was not my boring stories that had distracted him, but the surprise of recognising someone he knew, then my friend attempted a wave, not a manly wave – though I dont think you can ever wave without looking like an awkward, coked up children’s presenter, yearning for the camera to be off, so you can forget the pretenses of being happy around children.

No, my friend limply and slowly moved his arm over the table ( full of all the energy a Sloth would bring to an all night slumber party ) like he was reaching for his pint, but instead, rather oddly, pushed the back of his hand through his full pint, followed by a regretful, sheepish little wave – as my friend was doing his pathetic, regretful wave of acknowledgement, the pint toppled across the table, sending a full pint rushing past me , hitting the floor and snaking its way to other pub goers – everyone around the pub were thankfully too wrapped up in their own giddy time, to stop what they were doing, and silently stare at the table of incompetence we now ended up as. like the supportive friend I am, I Broke out into unnecessarily loud hysterics, pointing and goading  at the slow motion idiocy that just occured.

Spilt pints do not normally make me laugh so much, definitely if I was the one who spilt it, you cant really come back from it on the day socially,you have made your table look like drunken idiots, cleaning now is a part of your evening , you have to deal with passive aggressive staff stating ” no, its fine ” and you have just wasted a perfectly fine pint – which most likely you have to replace yourself.

What intrigued me, were all the little moments of actions that created that pint spilling occurrence, who ever my friend did a half assed wave too ( and it was incredibly half assed) , was complicit in our little moment of embarrassment. If my friend never knew this person, the whole evening would of started very differently, if we did not meet later than we normally do, we would not of been forced to slum it outside in The Eagle And Vaults, if my friend did not smoke, we would of probably went inside in the warmth, even though a lacklustre night club was being attempted inside ( which involved a couple of lazy on the feet pub goers, making a ham fisted  attempt at John Travolta moves ) if I did not decide to move to the left minutes earlier, I would of been soaked in cheap beer, ( and find it considebly less amusing ) in one slow, limp wristed wave, my friends moment of embarrassment,would of invaded itself onto me, instead of allowing me to be a mocking bystander in the whole beer soaked mess surrounding us.

I have spent nearly 1000 words talking about a beer spillage, it was a small moment with a good friend, which was a funny little incident for me, but it got me thinking about how little actions, can create a good or bad scenario – the bad scenario can in time, turn in on its self and show it self to be good. I am tired of letting myself down with what I want to achieve with my Photography, by fearing action and letting anxiety stop me from letting a scenario unfold. I want to look at an opportunity next time,and think of all the endless possibilities that could reveal themselves to me, I could get them all wrong, but end up with something far more meaningful.

That is a lot better than “what if ”










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Discovering Bruce Springsteen

It was a quiet, late evening, I was in a slightly old-fashioned arm-chair, which was still comfortable and very helpful for lazy nights in, my mum was away for a few days, so I had the house to myself, and I was 17 – a close shave to 18, a mere back and sides to adulthood – normally this would be a cause for celebration ( all by myself? how terribly exciting I hear the youth in all of you bleat ) what mischief would I get up too?

A crazy, life affirming party, that the generations would talk about in years to come? Having the Ingleton name revered decade after decade – my very own Spike Island. A way to say a triumphant, brilliant and utterly bonkers good-bye to an era in your life.

How about having a Monkey Party in my street? Hiring a bunch of well-educated Monkeys, that could hold a limited but well-meaning conversation in an upbeat and jovial manner , party hats and everything ( gestures and grunts seemed to be the way you would get through a nightclub evening, so why would it be any different with the Monkeys )CHI_03_RK0041_01_P

I would imagine I would need to hire a Gorilla Bouncer named Billy, that would clunk about with a mean old stare, looking out for any signs of trouble, a Monkey after a few whisky shots, I would imagine, could get up to all kinds of Monkey mischief.

Just look at the Monkey in the photo, it is sprawled out on the floor, with an inane manic grin, clearly unable to control its Liquor. I have made a terrible mistake with my choice of party guests…

As you have probably realised, My alone time in Petersfield did not end with a crazy, giddy party, Instead, it was a moment of reflection for me, I was leaving home, I was leaving my dear old mum,I was leaving behind all my friends I had built up over the years, though sadly, this was a result of my fool hardy teenage idiocy ( experience which I feel comes in handy working with the youngsters I do) My moronic clutching at sheer stupidity, only consigned my 20s to a decade of under achievement.

Instead, I stayed up most of the night listening full blast to my Mums CD collection, which also included a few Music videos on VHS!!!! ah VHS, how we loved you yet discarded you at the sight of a fancier model ( Consumer loyalty is dead!)

I always remember my mum wearing out a VHS copy of Bruce Springsteen Video Anthology when we lived in Liss, I was still at an age where I thought it was rubbish, solely because Mum thought he was soooooo cool ( Anything your parents like, can’t possibly be cool ) I think I might have been blinded by his greatness because, all Mum seemed to play was the video to Dancing In The Dark, which started with this goofball, tip tapping his feet with a bit of a flaunting white shirt on ( an older me now understand why this was appealing to a single woman ) but the young me just thought  “LAME!!!” and begged to put my Kyle Minogue video on instead…


So, around 2001, in Petersfield, probably a decade after debunking everything about Bruce Springsteen because of mum over playing the video you see, I slowly but surely started to unravel the brilliance of Bruce Springsteen. It may have been a way to connect to something emotionally that my mum loved, as I was about to leave her, I wanted to capture an essence that reminded me of all the good times we shared  whilst Springsteen was playing in background – I did not think I would actually become a fully fledged fan out of my late night CD\ VHS playing.

I played Dancing in the dark a lot and saw something new, it got me hooked, I was use to the 80s sheen of Born In The USA and Dancing In The Dark ( which both had a far less upbeat message than the music suggests ) lyrics such as..

I get up in the evening
And I ain’t got nothing to say
I come home in the morning
I go to bed feeling the same way
I ain’t nothing but tired
Man I’m just tired and bored with myself

Cutting through the 80s pomp, these types of lyrics started to speak to me, playing them over and over that night, I was beginning to see the darkness and feelings of helplessness that I couldn’t really express myself. I was bored and tired of myself, probably all throughout my 20s, until I finally had to do something about it. 

I also saw hope in his lyrics, which is what I needed,as I was venturing out to Buckinghamshire ( why so far from home I don’t know ) possibly to get as much of a clean slate as possible – another staple of Springsteen, escaping to survive. Though in time, I could no longer escape by moving about the country, seeking a fresh start.

After leaving home, I ended up collecting all of Springsteen’s back catalogue, I managed to see him live at Crystal Palace in 2003, Dancing in the dark was the final song he did at the gig. I was listening to my mums favourite song, played by the boss in front of 30.000 others. It instantly took me back to a decade before, with mum enjoying the very song on VHS. The song will always bind us.

Now baby everything dies baby that’s a fact
But maybe everything that dies someday comes back

Atlantic City.


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A new attempt at keeping myself creative, and from over thinking!!!

Well, it has been a long time since I have written in this blog – if you can even call it that anymore, I assumed a blog was something I had to write in all the time – that has clearly not been the case here…

My initial reason for starting this blog, was to try to get out the thoughts and feelings that constantly whirl around in my little mind ( over thinking in other terms). It is intended as a positive blog, though in time, I struggled with writing interesting pieces. I would allow myself to become in active, which in turn made me think about the negativity I would allow to creep in.

In the last year though, I feel things have vastly improved, and I would be so bold to say I am pretty happy.

  • Moved into nicer accommodation,  where for once, I get along with the people.
  • I have carried on to manage a full-time position in my education based job.
  • Made a new friend, who has been an incredible support to me, and a fun drinking buddy,
  • I have also failed 3 driving tests!! but that will come in time and that is something next to do.
  • Been strong enough to lend advice and help to my dear brother, who has achieved so much, whilst going through personal battles that some of us could not comprehend.

Anyway, Back to the main points.

I recall mentioning something about me attempting to get some form of video series up and running – I like to think I am a creative person with the right material.

My idea for the video series is about music, which is a theme I can easily get passionate about, I was pondering what it could be about, they are so many videos out there, and the one thing I learnt is that you at least need to have a steady theme – otherwise you are just making it up as you go along.

After a lot of expected fart arsing about ( something I do rather well ) I decided to do a video about one album and pick my favorite song from the album. This was a way to look at one album and force myself to just single out, in my opinion at least, the best track from the album.

The first attempt at the video was a long old process, I was not sure how to set it up, I was not sure how I would to introduce the video, if at this point you could even call it that ( more of a glorified slide-show ) I think it took me months just to finish a Two Minute video.

The first Band I chose were Muse, not everyone’s cup of tea, and of late, I have started to agree with people about his grating voice ( Stop with the attempts of the operatic ) his voice is far better when he dials it down a bit, but he is in a massively succesful band, and I am not, so what do I know..

My first one, as you can see, it is hardly worth the wait – the saying ” good things comes to those who wait ” does not clearly apply here, but I had fun finally finishing it, and it took my mind off certain issues that constantly seem to arise in my life ( Though, I do consider myself happy at this point of writing )

I chose the song New Born from Muse, I just loved the piano intro, which then leads into a crunching, bonkers guitar solo – showcasing the over the top way the band found themselves indulging in.

Wrapping up this blog now, as I have run out of steam. Here is my 3rd one, with the almighty Bruce Springsteen. Enjoy.



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My Most Rewarding Shoot (Raye Lee)

I finally went through with doing a portrait shoot for someone I did not know – I know it does not sound like a big deal, but to me, it was something I have been aiming to do for so long, but failing at the last hurdle ( instead of attempting the hurdle, I would quietly remove it, and station it away out of sight, but with enough of a glimpse for it to be a regret in the corner of my eye )

Currently, at this point in time, I seem to have stalled the lows I have experienced over the last few years, which is comforting, as it has been over a year since I had my breakdown ( one of a few flash points I foolishly chose to ignore, I deeply regret this period and the pain and worry I caused those close to me )  I have been trying to carve out an area in my life that I can develop and feel good about.

Back to the positive, I have been trying to set up a shoot for a while now, I have spent hours looking over magazines, Googling set ups, Working on set-ups at work and generally trying to learn everything – but never going through with the actual shoot. I have always enjoyed grabbing a few portraits in between family orientated shoots, using my knowledge to quickly take a flattering photograph.

I started chatting to a model (Raye Lee) on Purpleport- which is a website designed to get photographers and models working together ( ) I have been on it for  long time, but something about Raye Lee (apart from her gorgeousness)  that made me comfortable about finally pushing myself over the line to book her and do the shoot.

Before working with Raye Lee these are the main portrait images I have had to showcase 8

Not bad , but I wanted to do something that showed a bit more thought and show what I have learnt regarding lighting and techniques, with family photography, it is more about trying to get the child to stay happy and not cause the parents to have a meltdown, due to the child doing the opposite of what is asked of them ( never work with children or animals, slightly limiting when embarking on family photography )

It was getting closer to the time of my shoot with Raye Lee, and I was starting to feel a mixture of nerves and excitement, I work best when I back myself into a corner – being unable to get out of a situation, not always a great way to go about things, but it sure does make you throw all your fears into the air, in the hope they do not all come crashing back down at once.

I went through a final bout of testing and planning, and was quietly confident that I had covered various set ups, and had a mixture of styles up my sleeve – I desperately wanted to finally use my beauty dish, I see those type of photographs and love how they bring out the best features of the face.

I left to meet Raye, and it was great knowing that I was working with someone who respected the work I had currently done, and was also looking forward to working together, it helped to know that, she too, was nervous ( despite looking like a confident little fire cracker )

Below is my one of my first attempts, by this time( after the tea making breather ) the meet and greet aspects were over, and we seemed to have built up a comfortable working relationship.


After about 10 minutes of using the beauty dish on Raye, I was feeling comfortable with the images that have been produced so far, Raye made life so much easier by being responsive and encouraging through out, she clearly knew what she was doing pose wise – something I have had not experience in -it is all very well knowing the set ups, but if the model is looking awkward and uncomfortable then kiss goodbye to  great photograph.

I moved onto using a one light set up using a soft Box, This gave Raye a chance to loosen up and play with the space that was available  to us – and not be restricted to sitting down whilst I was using the Beauty Dish.dwcqs

The set up on the right is a really simple style to work with, it tends to be my go to set up if I want to sort things out quickly, as most of the time, it is a flattering outcome ( of course, some others may not think so, but do what you enjoy and you will at least get someone who likes your work)

Set up ( not cast in stone but a little guide for me)

  • Shutter speed 1/160
  • F stop between 7 – 11
  • White Balance on shade
  • ISO on 100-200

These were the results of my one light set up, first one was on a black back ground and love her smile in this one, With Raye, I wanted to capture something with a bit more attitude ( which I like to think I succeeded at, thanks to Rayes effortless coolness) but the natural smile in this one shows, the session was a relaxing and easy going one ( In my head anyway!)

The second and third ones are done with a grey background, the second one in particular I was pleased with. Before the shoot, I sent examples of photographs I wanted to achieve, and wanted to go for  the slightly ruffled attitude, I was fed up with the basic grin look.

The grey background I think is underrated, the go to backdrops seems to be white and black ( what about the literal grey area?! ) I have always preferred the slightly off white look in studio shots – the white is fine, but after learning and using the pure white background, I got a little bored with the outcomes – though the photographs produced with Raye worked out well ( especially whilst wearing rather fetching stockings and suspenders) so, it has a place and I will stop being aloof to the trusted whites.

Speaking of pure white back ground, which was a very neat route through to the next current crop of example photographs, how very seamless


This is the set-up I would use to do the pure white background, before I figured this out, I would be a total cretin and just try to get the white back ground done in Photoshop(like a total cretin) – which consisted of me spending a unhealthy amount of time,  faffing about with  a photograph, it never looked good – like uncanny valley, just something a bit off about it all.

As you can see, Raye looks fantastic – I think it would be hard to make her look terrible, which is not giving myself enough credit, I have seen equally beautiful models, look just awful in the photographs – the lighting is harsh ( soft light people, mix it up folks ) the pose is awkward and overall,  you get a sense that the session was one long uncomfortable moment for the model involved, with the photographer, mouth open, breathing heavily, sweating and acting like someone who has never seen a lady before.

I am incredibly proud of the photographs that have come out of this session, It is an area I have wanted to do for so long, but my problems over the last year or two, have prevented me from not only reaching my potential, it has stopped me to even contemplate I had potential – which I think is even more crippling.

Back to the good stuff, I will just select some of my final photographs as I can sense am struggling how to wrap this piece up….

I tried to get a wide range  of styles going, and think I succeeded in most parts, I was pleased that I had the courage to swap and change things – some attempts did not work out, but instead of bowing my head and sulking, I moved swiftly on.

Was I totally happy? of course not, I would of spent more time on the beauty dish to perfect the style more,  I would of moved around the room a bit more, getting different angles and utilizing the space more, but these are just thoughts of a person who is never happy with himself ( I think I can, and should do better , but actually, with these, I got to enjoy the outcome )

I have, I hope, managed to use the problems I have had over the last few years, to focus on where I want to go with my portraits – it has taken too long to get this area back up and running, but I have a few interesting projects coming up, and hopefully, if they come good, I will not be looking back, thinking about the one time I managed to see my potential and go for it, instead, it becoming just another great and wonderful day.

I will leave on what the model actually said !!!

Raye said…

Had a great first shoot with Lee yesterday. He was very professional and kind and I felt very comfortable throughout the shoot. He’s down to earth and easy to work with. He teaches photography for a living so he obviously knows what he’s doing.

I hope to shoot with Lee again soon in the future, and fully recommend him!

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Getting back on the blog Dinosaur.DEVELOPMENTS…

It has been a while since I have written a post, which has made it harder for me to actually settle down and get the jabbering words rolling around my head, onto the screen.

If my attempts were written on paper, the disused drafts and torn up pieces of paper would make me very unpopular with anti waste campaigners – thankfully, I have avoided their anger ( for now).

I have been fairly slow-moving in my photography exploits, I just do not know where this year has gone, it has been like I checked my watch after Christmas, accidentally set my alarm for deep hibernation, and then being surprised at where all the months have gone – on the plus side of that, Jurassic world is coming out! the dinosaur geek in me can hardly contain its excitement ( tickets booked weeks back and an early showing, I know how to party on my days off ).

This calls for a Jurassic Park Picture. I feel happier already.


Enough of the Jurassic Park obsession.

I have recently been getting myself refocused, and a bit more outgoing in pushing to get work and experience. In the last month, I have attended two meetings with local business – to discuss potential ways we could work together. First one was with a hair salon called The Hair Safari, a colorful looking place which is decorated like, well, a Safari. I was pretty nervous, but not as nervous as I use to be, I have reached that point where am comfortable to show my work to others ( some will like it, some will not like it ) and of course, my initial contact was replied too, so why would they turn round and tear me a new one? ( oh three-month ago me, how foolish your mind works )

The second one was Lm Beauty of Witney, a beauty therapist called Louise, she is hoping to gain more experience in the fashion trade – Exactly the area I want to get more involved in.

The meeting was at a pub called the Fleece ( pub meetings I have just discovered, are the best type of meetings ) my habit of turning up early though, must have given the impression that I have been awkwardly stood up by a date, no amount of pottering about corners made me any less conspicuous, of course, no one is batting an eye lid at me, but I also failed to gain a picture of Louise before the meeting, all I had to go on was that she is a blonde, every poor blonde woman passing, was given a nervous and probably unwanted nod. Long story short, she was waiting inside, while the socially awkward buffoon was loitering outside ( Lesson learnt here )

How did the meetings go? I will tell you in the next blog . I know, how annoying I hear you say, i am no better then the movies that split themselves over two parts, just to squeeze out any remaining interest.

Here.Console yourself with the SONG OF THE BLOG.

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The annoyance of ruts and my attempts to banish that rutting feeling.

One of the annoying problems I inflict on myself, is that I get myself into ruts far too easily. I find myself a very unproductive rut, and bed down for the month-two months-three months, before I know it, I have achieved nothing I have originally set out to do, taking me back to square one, with only a sense of frustration and what ifs littering my mind.

This habit is not really going to help me in my pursuit of creating a little photography corner for myself – hell, maybe that shows a lack of ambition, that am seeking a corner and not a square – let’s make it the best corner.

The best way I have got out of a photography rut, is to do something completely different, or strike out in an area that I actually want to pursue. In the past, I have grabbed my camera, wandered the streets of Witney or Oxford and been uninspired. It is a frustrating feeling to have.

It was becoming clear to me, that I needed a change,a rut in itself is annoying and can sometimes grip you tight no matter what, The important thing I needed to remember is that a rut is a feeling and a state of mind that is solely down to me to get out of.

which sounds simplistic, it is easy to look at outside sources, and view them as the sole reason for your lack of enthusiasm and motivation.

Time to Knuckle down.

Getting uncomfortable : My task was to get uncomfortable, earlier I pointed out how uninspired I was trooping around Witney and Oxford, I was uninspired because it was a comfortable situation for me to be in, am not the most extrovert of people ( though apparently, am not painfully introvert either ) so it was high time I moved into areas that made me branch out and get the photography rewards am after.

Giving myself a goal : It is so simple to say you will do something, to wake up one day, and vow to sort your life out – this will be the year I sort out this, that and the other pressing matter you talked about last year.

In February, I attempted to take stock of what I wanted out of photography, to take a big step back, soak up what I enjoyed and focus on areas that I wanted to advance on ( while thinking of as many clichés as possible along the way )  The saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ rears its head quite often.

Portraits & Events/Candid

Portraits & Events/Candid : The area I have decided  to concentrate on. It is an area I feel I can learn in and it is an area that has given me the most buzz and excitement over the years – so, foolish not to expand I would say.

I jumped into the mind numbing and frankly, quite ridiculous world of twitter I will not rally against it here, it has its uses, and I have started to benefit from them, but like with anything, the useful aspects gets distorted and abused by a number of idiots – Brilliant – pat yourselves on the back.

My twitter mind can only manage targeting tweets and twitters around local areas, and things happening close to me ( I find this helps avoiding the twatters). After a lot of tweeting and random shout-outs, I got in contact with a lady called Nicola Avery, who is a member of and a PA for NHA (National Health Action Party )  a political party formed by doctors, nurses, paramedics and ordinary people who’ve come together to defend and improve the NHS, read more about them here

Nicola suggested an informal meeting to discuss how I could help out photography wise, this was very exciting for me, this put my mind into gear in creating a portfolio of work I could use to illustrate the route I want to go down.

The day before I met up, I pulled together some pages I thought might work.Which have been enclosed below.

1 finalpages 11 2 (2) 2 5 8 16 19

The meeting went well, and it was nice to meet someone completely new and passionate about their area of work. This was a good first step to getting out of my comfort zone, thanks to meeting up with Nicola, I was invited to the Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally that was held on Church green in Witney.

roar2 roar1

This was my first real attempt at documenting a local rally, the people I met here were very helpful ( yes! I spoke to people and everything ) it allowed me to build up confidence to walk among the people without feeling on show. The life of a photo journalist does not seem like a bad one.

My next stop was local football games, I was made aware of games being played in Witney and have always fancied trying my hand at sports photography – this falls into my current remit of people and events etc. This affords me a suitable reason to get my camera out and just freely shoot.

These were over a two-week period.

1 fb1 fb2 fb3 fb4 football

It was enormous fun, and it took me a while to get my eye in, as for some reason, i failed to factor in the fact that these will be fast-moving objects ( am used to boring old static subjects ). At the time, I thought it was all going wrong – which is a recurring mentality am weaning myself off, because I kept missing the goal action, the shots I did look at, appeared out of focus and I did not seem to be getting anything worthwhile. I would only cut myself some slack when I actually took and step back and went through them at home.

I spent the rest of the weekend emailing them over to local teams.

Kindly one picture was used for the Witney and District Football Association.—week-25-23351/

With great encouragement from all the players who saw the photographs. Next stop OXFORD UNITED and get myself some real exposure.

Am going to wind this blog post up now, forgetting to mention that this blog is a major part of me trying to achieve something in photography.

Currently seeking out fashion designers in Witney, and may have something interesting to write about soon.WATCH THIS SPACE.

Work in progress.



Simple Minds : Love song

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Briefly a visit to Barcelona..Just call me Pablo.

Barcelona, which I visited way back in 2007 (my first foreign adventure on my own) I view every avenue and every path as a surprise, in my mind, a country is there to be roamed, and I would happily walk anywhere I could, the fact that I rarely ended up in the place I initially set out to end up, was not the point.(that tactic does not work when directing someone else)

Here is 2007 me in Barcelona.


Barcelona was a brilliant experience for me, i had got myself in a bit of a rut photography wise, i was toiling away in Starbucks in Oxford at the time. Not really getting fun out of photography, I had exhausted the Oxford photography landscape in my head ( though you should never be exhausted for photography

Some pictures with facts.


Sadly, this was the only beach shot I got at the time. I met some Americans at the hostel I was staying, and tagged along for the day, so my photography meanderings were kept to a limit.It was great to have some company though.

FACTS: National Geographic considers Barcelona as the best beach city in the world, with 7 beaches today and a coastline with a total of 4.5km. Before 1992, no beach were open to the city population and to tourism. It was thanks to Barcelona hosting the 1992 Olympic games, that major redevelopment moved industries away from the beaches and they were converted into a beautiful place of leisure and tourism that we all enjoy today.

I remember my last day in Barcelona, I had all my possessions in a massive pull along suitcase, I visited the beach that day and La Rambla. In hindsight, I do not recommend attempting to take a suitcase along with you to the beach – I could not of looked any more out-of-place if I wanted too.

La Rambla was fascinating and vibrant place, full of street performers, markets and from the looks of it, a non stop party, a party i was for once, invited too. With me, broken down suitcase dragging in hand, I was an easy target for all the street sellers,

” here, shake my hand ”

” sure”

I would say, in a chirpy naive manner, with a warm handshake, replaced by cold dirty seeds, and the slight whiff of deceit lingering in the air, before I knew it, I was surrounded by pigeons,pigeons crawling by my feet, pigeons clambering onto my head and pigeons generally acting as obnoxious as possible.(Spanish pigeons are as annoying as their British counterparts) but friendlier with it.

The Shots I managed with suitcase dragging and  my camera.

196815_9132170569_3600_n 196955_9132125569_562_n 197019_9132180569_4292_n 198011_9132160569_2903_n 198471_9132155569_2570_n 199103_9132140569_1556_n 200442_9131730569_30_n 200679_9132130569_896_n 205035_9132145569_1892_n 205063_9132150569_2231_n 206591_9132135569_1226_n 207914_9131745569_1853_n 208239_9132120569_222_n 208618_9131720569_628_n 208819_9132205569_6009_n

In retrospect, I would have visited La Rambla on a full day, it was a wonderful place, and deserved my full attention – my ill thought out suitcase adventure hindered me greatly, that day, I had acquired ( without choice) a bracelet, an inflatable football, a necklace, flowers and an attempt at a painting – which thankfully I managed to slowly run away from – as dignified as watching a penguin with trousers on.

FACT : .La Rambla, such an interesting and fun street, a street I could happily get lost in soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying all the activities. It is not just one street, but FIVE boulevards ( or Ramblas) it is joined to make one long promenade. These are the names of them.

  • Rambla de Canaletes
  • Rambla dels Estudis
  • Rambla de Sant Josep
  • Rambla dels Caputxins
  • Rambla de Santa Mònica

Before my rambling last day, the most fascinating attraction I visited was the one and only Sagrada Familia – no one could be underwhelmed by this mammoth creation I could be wrong, but those people are wrong and I am right.

195827_9132025569_2446_n 195863_9132035569_3118_n 196911_9131980569_1779_n 198927_9131990569_7548_n 199015_9132005569_179_n 199283_9132015569_1474_n 199543_9132000569_8549_n 206359_9131975569_8886_n 207611_9132020569_2117_n 208923_9131995569_7881_n

Every area of sagrada familia I looked at, was another area of intrigue, every knock and cranny represented another piece of  art and brilliant craftsmanship.

This calls for more  some FACTS!!

La Sagrada Famila started its construction in 1882 and it is still ongoing, which is why it still looks like a building site – it just adds to the charm I think. I know builders and the construction industry have a habit of pushing deadlines, but I think even they are milking it a bit .

” I say we will be completed in about 160 years ”

FACTS : Antoni Gaudi was hired two years after construction began, Antoni Gaudi is synonymous with La sagrada famila, and no doubt he will be the first person who is instantly connected to this wonderful cathedral, it was actually originally conceived by Josep Maria Bocabella, a bookseller and Catalan Philanthropist.

End of my mini lesson. I may come back to this blog to update more facts


Bruce Peninula – As long as i live